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I am a famous director manager of ULTRASUONI INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ultra_notorius society italian for build the Ultrasonics Cleaners, Ultrasounds Generators, Piezosonic and Magnetosonic Transducers for clean, degrease, washing, rinse, ect the mecanicals precision pieces, metal surfaces, molds for moulding plastic, rubber and aluminium technical industrial articles and objets.

My industrial experience (30 years) is offer for all clients, laboratories, industrial maintenance and little or big productors, in all sectors in all application : medical, pharmaceutical, gold, optical and lenses, chimical, science and advanced technology research, nuclear decontamination, hydraulics and termotecnichals components, more and more special cleaning with ultrasonics digital pulse sweep system microchip.


This is one example around my fine studies around ultrasounds, cleaning and a new and modern vision for the Industrial Ecological Cleaning in the world ( one my techpress-article in 1997 year)

Ultrasuoni of Milan has disigned a new line of machines for the specific industrial washing of dies.
The experience gained in the sector of aluminium and light alloy foundry (pressure die casting, gravity casting and back pressure casting), plastic moulding and rubber injection moulding, has enabled the company to solve all the problems associated with the washing and cleaning of dies.
The ultra-audible vibration machines produced by this company in Milan are a safe and reliable system for removing pollutant deposits such as moulding residues, oil, grease, gas oxides, releasing agents, graphite, colouring agents and lime deposits.
The high quality of the surfaces thus obtained is only one of the characteristics of the Ultrasonic system: in fact, the machine enables the entire cleaning operation, also inside the die, in a few minutes, avoiding manual scraping operations using solvents, often unsuitable considering the precision and complexity of the impressions.
Also avoided are the costly operations of dismounting the dies and inserts with the consequent operational setbacks and waste of time in maintenance. In order to satisfy the most widely varying range of needs, Ultrasonic produces die washing lines consisting of strong 304/3016L stainless steel baths with an internal working capacity of between 70 and 6.000 litres. The plants usually consist of betweeen 3 and 7 baths; other construction materials, internal sizes, special spray – rinsing systems are disegned in 24 hours based on specific costumers specifications.
The heart of Ultrasonic’s washing system consists of a multiferquency ultra-audible vibration generator which, at any time and thanks to a special electronic power regulation device, can provide the maximum ultra-audible power on the piece to be cleaned, automatically optimising the best power/generated oscillation ratio. In the liquid the “Supersonic” type magnetic transducer transforms the generated high frequency into mechanical-molecular vibration, wich rapidly removes the polluting agents from the metal surfaces: the complemantary chemical dissolving action is obtained using special detergents, formulated in the company’s chemical laboratory, in hot or cold processes.
With or strong and homogenous ultra-audible vibratory action in every single part of the washing bath, the cleansing action is perfect even on areas which are difficult to reach using other washing systems, with the added advatage of safeguardingthe dies “impressions, in time, from possible erosion: Infact there is no need for acids, corrosive agents, mechanical abrasion, jets of hot water or steam.
The washing process is completed with the phases of rinsing, inhibition and protection in order to protect the die from any oxidising until it is used again. As well as their high degreasing and protective power, Ultrasonic’s detergents last for several months and are environmentally safe: they do not require frequent expensive changes in the baths, they are easily disposed of with no extra costs and no ecological-environmental problems.
The operational potentional of the design engineers and affiliated structures, the expirience of the technical and commercial staff, the well-equipped testing lab in Milan where it is possible to solve alla problems associated with washing, are Ultrasonic’s guarantees guarantees for providing a complete “industrial washing engineering service”, from design to turn-key start-up.
Ultrasonic modular implants with tanks in stainless steel 316 LModular Washing with ultrasonic generators and trasnducers in high frequency swepping
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